How I raised 12K in Four Days by Simply Asking for HELP.

In this article, I will explain why I chose to create a Gofundme campaign and how I managed to raise 12000 Dollars in four days.

Before I get to the juicy stuff let me explain why I ended up having to ask for help. After almost a decade living in Berlin, my partner and I were disappointed with the rising cost of living, particularly rents, as they increased almost 60% in the last three years and we were simply fed up.

By early February 2020, we decided to travel through Europe for the rest of the year and seek a new place to live. After several weeks of research and financial planning, we decided we would go for it, especially since I’ve done this before and was very pleased with the result.

I am a self-employed Personal Development Coach and my partner a freelance Gardner, so we are flexible enough to manage to make a living, especially since I already have clients in Zurich, Basel, Munich & Hamburg. All we needed was to advertise on our Social Media channels and have a bit of luck.

Sadly three weeks into our first stop in Zurich, COVID struck. We were forced to abandon our plans and since we no longer had a permanent residence we needed to find refuge wherever we could. We ended up staying with my sister in Luxembourg. By March 18th the country was in complete lockdown, lasting at least 2–3 Months. We were running out of money rapidly and it became obvious, we were going to be flat broke in 6 weeks. I must add here that both of our professions were on the so called “RED” List, meaning we were not allowed to work during lockdown AT ALL!

A friend of mine mentioned Gofundme, but I knew too little about the site, so I started to research. I looked up some campaigns and soon understood that most were heartbreaking and very much accident & illness-related. I felt uneasy as I did not have such a grand emergency. Soon after, I discovered it wasn’t all about distress and health issues but also about life celebrations and so much more. I sought money for my little family that was punched by too much bad luck during these extraordinary COVID times. We needed money for food, bills and stay afloat for the next three months. Furthermore, we needed cash to kickstart our journey, once travelling was back on the table. But it still didn’t rock my boat until I had a very revealing idea.

What if I don’t ask for donations but instead for a trade-in, a so-called advance.

What about if I propose to my clients to prebook a coaching session or some gardening work, or simply ask them for a loan. That made me look at Gofundme differently. This wasn’t just a page where you ask for money, but also a portal where you can become creative and simply let people decide how they can assist and help you. This created a huge surge of energy within me,and after having an “AHA” moment, I knew precisely what the campaign and the video were supposed to look like. It took me seven straight hours and the video was done.

Let me explain how I raised the 12K.

  1. Make sure that you are in the know of how much money you need to cover the emergency and what for? This has to be part of the video. You need to be in control over the situation and come across as confident and authentic as possible. People need to believe you.
  2. Explain your situation clearly and without shame. Be brave as we are all in need of help at some point in our lives.
  3. Make your video as real as possible. Be inspirational and entertaining, no matter how serious the situation. Feel free to use humour.
  4. Do not play the pity party game. Be motivational and show your crowd that you are living in the solution.
  5. Share the GFM link on Social Media and add a personalised message.
  6. Create individualised fifty seconds Voice messages for every single contact and get in touch with family, best friends, friends, people that tagged and mentioned you, every single private message, all your contacts. Do not make the mistake of deciding who is worth contacting and who is not. I was extremely surprised who donated and who didn’t. Do not forget to ask them to share the link including a private message. I had over 53 Shares.
  7. Encourage small donations. My research showed, some people are embarrassed not being able to afford much, so they rather not donate. In the end, I had 15 Donours that gave less than 40 Dollars, which made me a solid 551 Dollars, so nothing to cry home about.
  8. Join GFM profiles, groups, pages and whatever you find, make sure they are serious, please ask the GFM Team for assistance. Be careful with scam sites. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  9. Keep your donours up to date and make sure to show them your appreciation.
  10. Pay it forward.


  • I ended up raising 8769 British Pounds, which is about 9995 Euros and $12126.
  • 37 people donated $5231.
  • 5 people traded $1086 worth of services.
  • 2 people loaned me $5807.

This all happened in a matter of four days. I received some very lovely and encouraging words from GFM as my campaign was on their top of the day.

Working with GFM was a total life changer for me and my little family.

I overcame my fear of asking for help and I strongly suggest that you work with GFM if you are willing to be authentic and if you truly see no other way.

Make sure to pay it forward.

Good luck and if you need some help hit me up, as I offer complete GFM coaching.

Alek Ivar



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